Monitoring through-citizen science

Case study: The Mount Lofty Ranges Woodland Bird Monitoring Project


Since 1999, dedicated citizen-scientists have conducted annual birds counts at 166 sites on public and private land across the Mount Lofty Ranges.

Summary of project outcomes

This long-term dataset has been used to assess the drivers of woodland bird decline. By analysing trends in the distribution and abundance of birds we have been able to monitor and evaluate the performance of activities intended to halt or reverse this decline.

What makes this project so special?

Long-term ecological datasets of this nature are exceedingly rare. The data collected by our dedicated volunteers is now used as a key biodiversity indicator in the South Australian State of the Environment Reporting. It is also used by public and private organisations to inform and evaluate conservation planning and on-ground works.

We have established and maintained enduring relationships with private landholders that are interested in helping to protect birds and other wildlife on their properties. Our wonderful volunteer surveyors continue to exemplify the value of community participation in nature conservation.