Case study: Restoration of Patawalonga Creek Conservation Zone a community project


For over 12 years, Conservation Volunteers Australia has supported Adelaide Airport Ltd in their commitment to managing biodiversity and community engagement at Adelaide Airport. With a particular focus on the management of the Patawalonga Creek Conservation Zones, the project is delivering on-ground environment works as well as community engagement.

Summary of project outcomes
  • Conservation Site officially opened to the public in 2018 after 12 years
  • 40 community events
  • 36,965 Local Volunteer hours
  • 9932 International Volunteer hours
  • 15ha revegetation
  • 120 Fauna and Flora surveys
  • 29kg of seed collected
  • 1km of walking trail constructed
  • 10,560 plants propagated
  • 18ha weed control
  • 12 Primary schools engaged
  • 5 High schools joined
  • Universities and TAFE SA engaged
What makes this project so special?

All work to restore the site has been undertaken and completed by volunteers!